About us

The main purpose to build this site is to provide price comparison services to the residents of UK, as comparison will ultimately leads to saving money because comparison contributes in developing buying sense of buyer. At this site we maintain list of several products and services of various providers from leading manufacturers or suppliers of UK, to ensure that you would find all the commodities of your needs here at Savingquote.com. We are continuously adding new categories on our site to make it the largest price comparison site of UK.
We are proud to say that we are impartial and independent in nature, and we not only claim this but we are in real, which you would find out by exploring more about our services. Our aim is to help people save money and that is why we have dedicated a team of professional rate chaser to chase the cheapest deals and place it here at Savingquote.com.
We have extensive amount of experience and expertise in this industry, and that is why we have launched this site, to help people in saving money, using our skills and data. At present you can compare the prices of different products including but not limited to broadband, home phone, digital TV, loans, mortgage, bank accounts, insurance, flights, hotels, car hire, gas, electricity and loads of others.
At Savingquote.com we have simplified the way to compare prices of different products, breaking the formal traditions of collecting a lot of personal information before letting you compare at this site you can compare on clicks of your mouse, you don’t have to provide your personal information neither we will ask you ever to do that, although you may have to fill in some necessary details to the providers from whom you wish to purchase.
We are open to your suggestions, queries and feedback, and we take your comments or criticism positively and use it to improve our service. So always feel free to write us.