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Egg Card

If you're based in the UK and you want to make banking a lot easier for you, then it's time to apply for an Egg card.

Cambridge BS 3 Year e-Bond (Issue 3)

The Cambridge Building Society offers a variety of online building society saving accounts including the 3 Year e-Bond account.

Sun Life Direct life insurance Over 50s life

Over 50 Life Insurance. Aged 50-85 and looking for affordable life cover from just 14p a day? Guaranteed Over 50s Life Insurance from Sun Life Direct.

Gocompare Car Insurance

Here at Gocompare.com we want you to be confident that you won’t find the same policies cheaper by going direct, that’s why any special discounts or deals available from the car insurance companies on our panel will always be included in your quotes.

Friends pet insurance

Friends pet insurance

10% Off Multi pet insurance +0% APR. The Nations Feel Good Pet insurer that supports animal welfare.

Call Animal Friends on 0844 55 70 300 today


Open an award winning current account online with Nationwide today.

We offer a large of range of online accounts and online banking services

The advantages of pet insurance
Possibly the biggest advantage of pet insurance is the fact that your pets health expenses can be fully covered. With a comprehensive pet insurance policy you will never be forced to choose between your bank balance and your pet's welfare.
Another great advantage of pet health insurance is that with lifetime cover, if your pet was to contract a disease which required ongoing treatment, these costs would be covered for either the lifetime of the policy with a cheaper pet insurance policy or the lifetime of your pet with a more expensive policy.
Our list of insurers will allow you to conduct your own pet insurance comparison to find the right policy for you and your pet.

How to save money on pet insurance
When insuring your pet, the annual premium will be calculated on a number of factors such as your pet's age, breed, sex and medical history. You are more likely to pay more for an older pet than you would with a younger pet and the amount you paid for your pet could also have a bearing on the annual premium.
Giving your pet plenty of exercise and ensuring it has a healthy diet will help them fight off any potential diseases and getting your pet chipped will aid the police in finding them if they were to go missing. This could reduce the cost of your annual premium. The best way to save money on your pet insurance is to simply shop around. Comparing pet insurance quotes will allow you to find the features that are important to you and your pet at a competitive price.

Why you need pet insurance
It can never be underestimated how important it is to make sure your pets are fully insured. With rising veterinary costs, if your pet was to become ill or injured it could leave a huge dent in your finances, especially if ongoing treatment was required. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or even a rabbit, our pets soon become part of the family so finding the best pet insurance policy for them is vital. This is why moneysupermarket.com has teamed up with the leading UK pet insurance companies to offer you peace of mind should the worst happen to your pet.

What to look for in a pet insurance policy
With our list of insurers you will be able to compare pet insurance policies to find one that suits yours and your pet's individual needs. Pet insurance polices generally include cover for vet fees, boarding fees, death benefit and many more features. It is even possible to have your holiday covered in the event you need to cancel it and some insurers will even provide cover for advertising and rewards in the event that your pet goes missing.
As well as taking note of what is included on a policy, it is also worth studying what is excluded from a policy. Opting for a cheap pet insurance policy could prove to be a false economy if it misses out certain features which you and your pet need. Common exclusions can include pre-existing medical conditions and injuries, vaccinations, flea control and spaying or castration.

british gas
Save up to £175*
EnergySmart™ helps you monitor your energy usage more effectively, which could cut your energy bill by up to £125 a
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Tesco's fixed-rate saver pays 2.95 per cent gross/AER for customers depositing their savings for a year and 3.50 per cent gross/AER if they deposit their savings for two years.
The HSBC Bank Credit Card (UK) offers credit cards to its current account members with excellent introductory and card members services. HSBC UK has low ongoing interest rates as well as 0% introductory rates for both purchases and balance transfers.
Santander - Reward Current Account
Our Reward Account offers a great rate, benefits worth over £400 and up to £300 when you switch to us using our Account Transfer Service.Apply online today!

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Multibank prepaid master card
Multibank from Panama offers wide range of banking products including Panama bank account, cards and loans in Panama. Call us at for hassle free Panama Banking.

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